Lucard's lyrics "inhabit a wild world of moon colonies, smelly toes, two-headed calves, senility, human cockroaches and heart attacks. It's a world of funky rhythms and musical surprises and power chords played by trombones." 


The Colorado Springs Gazette.



"One of the best new CDs we've gotten in lately." 


Pete Watson 

KHEN-106.9 FM 

Salida, CO


Two headed calf - Malcolm Lucard
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Pretty in Grey - Malcolm Lucard
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I don't need a tattoo - Malcolm Lucard
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All songs copyright © Malcolm Lucard 2001

"Lucard is climbing the ladder of success and notoriety like a caffeinated red uakari monkey on a warm Peruvian day. Soon his quick, precise way with the strings and honest, original lyrics will propel him out of this burg — catch him before he's famous." 


Colorado Springs Independent

Caravan - Malcolm Lucard
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Train ride away - Malcolm and friends
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Soul of a man - Malcolm and friends
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Rock island lullaby - Malcolm Lucard
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Malcolm and friends 
Live at the Western Jubilee Recording Company 
Absent minded guy - Malcolm and friends
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Ramblin girl - Malcolm Lucard
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Tumbleweed - Malcolm Lucard
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All songs  © Malcolm Lucard, except : Caravan, by Duke Ellingon, Juan Tizol, and Irving Mills; Train Ride Away, by Ramsey Mooney; Soul of a man, by Blind Willie Johnson; Sour Evening, by Crystal Bliss Lardy; Tumbleweed, by Peter Rowan and Bill Miller;  I want a little sugar in my bowl, by Nina Simone; and Jesus is on the mainline, by Mississippi Fred McDowell.

I want a little sugar - Malcolm Lucard
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Jesus is on the mainline - Malcolm Lucard
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"Most of us get sick of songs that get stuck in our heads. The music of Lucard and [his band Irrational Exuberance] is in my head still, yet amazingly not annoying. In fact, though I only remember a few lyrics, I find that my mind's eagerness to replay ie's music a testament to their quality." 


— The Catalyst, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Irrational Exuburance
Canto de Ossanha - Irrational Exuburance
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Absent minded guy / Sour evening - Irrational Exuburance
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Ramblin' girl - Irrational Exuburance
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Dental Monster - Irrational Exuburance
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All songs copyright 2006 Malcolm Lucard, except Sour Evening,  © Crystal Bliss Lardy and Dental Monster,  © Matt Hollensbe.


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