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about me


My bio as a song

They say I need a bio

So people know my schtick

I like writing verses

I hope this does the trick


Born on the Island

outside of New York

I learned to love music

Before I could walk

     (Where I’m from, that rhymes)


Mom liked Seegar

Dad dug Bach

They bought me Revolver

From then on, rock!


I windmilled like Townsend

I wailed like Page

I wah-wahed with Jimi

On the living room stage


I got into bluegrass

I followed the Dead

Learned how to jam

stoned out of my head


My first band was bluegrass

The next one was punk

I mixed it with folk

and called it ‘swamp funk’


I wore through cassettes

dug up the roots

found BBMuddy

Minnie and Ruth


Elmore and Etta

Terry and McGee

Marvin and Otis

are who I wanted to be


As the tree grew

I learned about swing

Django and Duke

became my new thing


I bounced with Billie

bopped with ‘Trane

Never learned to play it

It was a whole other plane.


I worked as a reporter

live, love and rage

The city was my oyster

the subway my stage


Then I moved to Colorado

Those were epic times

I lived in Utopia

and worked on my rhymes


Now writing songs 

is my favorite thing

I have CDs and a website 

for the songs that I sing


I sing my own tunes

I think they ain’t bad

I put ‘em online

(the stats are pretty sad)


At gigs people groove

they laugh and they dance

If enough people listen

I think I gotta chance


So I’m writing this bio

filling out forms

labels and categories

analytics and norms


What is your genre?

Who are you like?

Don’t be shy

Step up to the mic!


Ok, ok, so I’ll give it a try

I’m a little bit Bonnie

A little bit Prine

So much music

so little time.


A little bit Dead

A bit Dead Kennedys

I like long solos

and rants with obscenities


I love the Franks

Frank S and Frank Z

‘A crooner on acid’

Kinda describes me


A little bit Willie

A little bit Hank

A shot or two of Merle 

swishing my tank


Goofy like Arlo

rebelious like Bob

Not as good as either

Just giving  ‘em a nod


Trippy like Floyd

Nutty like Byrne

Wasted like Waits

I watch and learn


I’m a little bit of all that

Does that narrow it down?

Think you might check me?

Next time I’m in town?


Now I live in Switzerland, 

and for all that it’s worth

I love exploring the music

of this generous earth


From Mali and Mostar

Rio to DRC 

The music is endless

(check out these links)


I love making records 

con Diego o Brazil

He taught me samba

Bosco and Gil


The label is small

Planeta Musical

A musical planet

vibe tropicale


So that’s me in a minute

I hope it gives a clue

About the music I love

And the things that I do


My ultimate hero

has gotta be Chuck

I wanna be like Johnny

yeah, wish me luck.


Well that's a lot about me

But that’s what you get

I’ve been rockin’ a while

And I aint' started yet.


Thanks for listening

Thanks for your ear

Don’t worry my real songs

are better, I swear


Malcolm Lucard

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