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Raw, rootsy psychedelic soul experience!

Vagamundo blends music from around the world with rootsy, funky, rock, folk and country blues. We make grooves your feet can’t resist and soulful sounds that melt your blues . You’re gonna dance, laugh, sing and shout. 

Malcolm - stars - high rez - The Dark Ages.png

What we do

Vagamundo’s unusual instrumentatal line-up includes cello, mandolin, harmonica, synth, drums, electric and acoustic guitars. 


What inspires us?

Our influences range from the Balkans to Brazil, from New Orleans to New York. We're a little bit Cash a little bit Prince, a touch of Hendrix. These influences infuse our original material, which is accessible and entertaining even to first-time listeners.

On the radio!

Several of our songs are playing on premier Swiss radio stations, including RTS Option Musique. Here are three of our top songs playing on the radio:

02_The Dark AgesArtist Name
00:00 / 03:50
To doArtist Name
00:00 / 04:09
05_PrayerArtist Name
00:00 / 04:18
Malcolm - stars - high rez - The Dark Ages.png

Who we are

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Singer and main songwriter Malcolm Lucard will guide you through the swamps of the Bayou, to interstellar space colonies and through rock sermons against religious bigotry. He also plays rhythm and lead guitar and mandolin.


Cellist Vartan Baronian not only holds down the groove with driving funky bass lines, he takes us away with soaring bowed solos, jazzy walking bass lines, and melodies laced with touches of classical, jazz and Balkan improvisations. 


Gideon Lucard adds his sweet powerful voice to the mix, as lead vocalist and harmony wizard. He also plays mandolin, guitar and synthesizer and is known to bring audiences to complete silence with his sweet voice or lead entire audiences in rowdy sea shanties. 


The soulful, screaming guitar solos are the product of Ralph Cook Jr. adds an acid blues, psycho-country, soulful funk dimension to the experience. His guitar voices range from Albert Collins to Albert King, Buddy Guy to Jimi Hendrix and everyone in between.


Drummer Alma Fernandez keeps the group rocking, grooving and moving like a train through a wild landscape of sweet soft folk, to country, blues, hard funk, all out rock and even complex Balkan-based beats. 

Come groove with us at the next show. Contact us for gigs.

We will rock your world!

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Next gig

The Crowned Eagle

Samedi 16 Dec.

21 h-1 am

3 Rue Fribourg


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